Personal Projects


"In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a really big wall, rests Hometown. Here, the metal faced Teks rule and remind the people of their place in the world - in town and without question. Their message is simple: Be efficient, productive and avoid wasting time and mind on trivialities.

Under the two suns, in an out-of-the-way part of town, two friends are content making art."

Wayfar is a Science Fantasy webcomic. Follow the development of the comic here!

Old Ghost

Old Ghost is the story about an immortal troubleshooter brought out of retirement for one last mission.

The series is illustrated by me, written by Mark Bertolini (New York Times best selling comic author with the anthology FUBAR) and published by 215 Ink.

I Never Talk to Strangers

I Never Talk to Strangers is a short vampire story illustrated by me and written by Mark Romasky. It's based on the song by Tom Waits with the same title and was made for a comics anthology kickstarter project with comics inspired by said artist.

Red Laser Day

A story set in a futuristic cyberpunk Uppsala, that I wrote and illustrated. Commissioned by Uppsala Comix to print as a gift for event guests and as an example of what sort of submissions they're looking for for their comic competition - Comixserie.

Dylan Dog

Cover art for an issue of Ades Media's Swedish edition of Dylan Dog.

Matt Spitko

Album cover art for Matt Spitko's debut album, At Love With War.


Album cover art for the band Vilde and their second album Hets Med Folkgrupp. I also illustrated their first album, Trollstigen.

Apart Förlag (The Walking Dead in Swedish)

Zombie portrait painter for the Walking Dead in Swedish at comic and Sci-Fi conventions

and at a lecture with Zombie survival expert Herman Geijer.

Outside the Cities

A short film that I worked on together with 10 people, based on the prologue of my webcomic, Wayfar. I did the storyboarding, wrote the screenplay and acted as a producer. This is an unofficial music video remix of the original version.